Document Management Module

Document Management Module is the core module that manages documents with versions. It provides mechanisms to retrieve the document in a secured manner. Every version of the document is timestamped and versions cannot be deleted.

Unified Coding Module

Dataminer provides Coding module that can be configured to accept the metadata based on the document type. It provides unified approach for all document types for consistent look and feel of metadata collection.

Unified Search Module

Dataminer provides Search module that provides common interface to search and display the coded documents.

Web Hook Management Module

Dataminer provides web hooks that other applications can use to manage documents. Web hooks provides WSDL for service consumption.

Cloud Storage Module

Dataminer Cloud Storage Module provides the storage endpoint for storing all documents on the cloud as blobs for effective storage. It provides SAS access level security to access the storage container. Every document can only be retrieved by authorized users/applications.

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